Quantum Cosmology

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Quantum Cosmology was created by Stephen Hawkings in an attempt to unify quantum mechanics with a cosmological construct. Using this clever principle, he managed to view the primordial egg*, and in this imaginary leap, we can now view the universe as a single atom.

It has brought new idea's into the mix since its creation, a few decades back or so. It has allowed the physicist to assume that if the universe is in a excited state, then just like an atom, it will eventually quantum leap into a new configuration. If it does this, the energy contained within this universe will squeeze off into another universe that is in its ground state**. We also learn that if the universe began in a ground state, then it wouldnt have had a unique configuration in the beginning. Instead, it would have at it's so-called center a wormhole. A topological opening in spacetime, threaded with dark exotic matter.

  • The primordial egg was the concept that the universe began from a supercluster of subatomic energy - what we call today as the infinite gravitational singularity. Here, everything is compacted individually into the small square measurement of the Planck Length, which is exactly 1.616662 x 10^-33, in an equally small, infinitessimal time called the Planck Time, which is about 5.8 x 10^-44.
    • The author of this article Reiku has suggested that if energy squeezes off into the ground state universe, then this would naturally suggest, as relativity would suggest, that also space and time are squeezed off, since they are all of the same thing according to Einsteins Equivalance principles. If this is true, then that spacetime+matterenergy are now moving into a new configuration: That is, that this hints as a totally new universe creation, because how can you fit spacetime into an already spacetime arena; the consequences would be that the interior of the universe would begin to accelerate to the speed of light, and push away the far observable universe that is in its ground state past the horizon. He has suggested that this is what may be happening in our universe right now causing an illusion. Instead of todays current theory suggesting that the cosmological constant as the main cause in accelerating the universe, but rather things are accelerating within the inner boundaries, which to us in a time reversal concept, would be from the outside. Then the outside of our observable universe is accelerating, because of the presure of the incoming spacetimematterenergy squeezing in from the excited state universe.