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Odin'izm has been a sciforums member since 11-29-04.

It has had 3 referrals for insulting people, and quoting exuberantly large pieces of text...such as the USSR constitution.

It is generally known for unbased accusations, russian nationalism, and disliking nazis.

Odin'izm comes from the Russian word for one, and the general meaning is unknown. It can however be interpreted to mean united or whole.

It's real name is Alex, it lives in the UK, inside a pigeon coup.

Interests include cow tipping, chasing indigenous inhabitants in the highlands, and general lunacy.

Can be found on: Sciforums member listing

Famous quotes:

"Personaly I loved living under socialism"

"Are you totally insane?"

" Freedom is somthing you get when you are an American, no one else has any."

" What is freedom? I dont know I'm not American"


To become a nun.

To go to Disney Land.

To be banned from the monastery.


Place of birth: Moscow

Profession: Engineer

Age: Unknown

Current Location: Unknown

Sex: Unknown

Seeds: Plenty

Religion: Atheist, but born both Muslim and Christian Orthodox.

Revolutions started: 4

Revolutions Failed: 4

Revolutions Pending: 1

Major Operations: 3