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Latvia (in Latvian spelled "Latvija")is a smallish country on the Northeastern edge of Europe, a member of the EU, NATO and the UN, thus its' voice has no weight at all. Formerly a member of the USSR, its people consist mainly of ethnic Latvians and Russian colonists.

Latvians are generally pretty cold, gloomy and unfriendly people, but the younger generations are better, perhaps because now there is no iron curtain and they can mix with outside cultures and people. A fantastic characteristic of Latvians is that you can do almost anything to them, and they won't complain at all. This is commonly called the 'slave instinct', referring to the fact that the territory of Latvia has been occupied by outsiders since the 13th century.

Latvians are also easy conquerable people, because it's very easy to turn them one onto another.

However if you come in no contact with the native and non-native human inhabitants, Latvia is a pretty nice place to be. There are no natural disasters, save an occasional windiness, lots of fresh water, animals, beautiful landscapes.

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