LOTR vs Harry Potter

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LOTR vs Harry Potter is one of those fruitless chin stroking events at the mentally handicapped Olympics. The hobbit lover drools at the thought of pointy eared androgynous elves. The Harry Potter lover is an intellectual or child who can appreciate the simple things in life, such as a 'decent' read about some geeky kid who can make smoke come out of his fingers and fly or something. Most neutrals agree that the LOTR films were probably better - that's why we've watched the first one, even if we haven't got round to watching the others yet - but haven't watched any of the rather silly-looking Harry Potter ones, and have no intention of doing so.

We haven't read any of the books (and have no intention of doing so). A person who has had the opportunity to read the books tells us that LOTR is pure torture to read, that is, slow and painful, whereas reading Harry Potter is a joy because he is a selfish boy with a magic wand surrounded by hot girls.