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India is a country in South Asia.

Some sciforumers like Baron Max found a burgeoning interest in India's history, politics and society due to their enthusiastic interactions with Indians on SciForums. They were suitably awed and amazed at India's glorious tradition and the peaceful loving nature of Indians.

Not to mention indias abject poverty, police corruption and torture of civilians.[citation needed]

Indians also used to live in America but the patriots killed them a bit for fun.

National dish of India

Monkey brains served fresh! jummie!

Famous Indians

  • Samcdkey
  • Gandhi
  • Chief Sitting Bull
  • Tatia Tope - A hero of the fight for freedom in 1857. His very name made the mighty English generals tremble. Deceived by his friend, he faced death like a hero, for the sake of his country.
  • With a country of 1 billion you'd think there was more, but no. All other Indians are unknown.
  • spuriousmonkey's dog