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The Illuminati is a secret organization that allegedly controls the world and ultimately also sciforums. It is a popular concept in literature, internet discussion forums and other forms of popular culture.

It is generally thought that there is a real Illuminati and a fictitious one. The real one can be considered a shadow organization of the fictitious one since the latter really is in control. What better cover than being the favourite subject of internet conspiracy nuts? It's possible, though, that the so-called 'real' one is a puppet organisation controlled by the real real one. And so on, and so on, in an ever-less-believable test of my incredulity.

Of course, that's just what they want you to think.

Fun Facts

The Illuminati run all state and federal lottery programs as a way to siphon extra capital from the already overburdened sheeple.

The Illuminati control Youtube via their agents - Google and Bill Gates.

The Illuminati feature prominently in Deus Ex - the greatest PC game ever.



  • MattMarr - purportedly warns against the Illuminati, thereby spreading their message. [1]
  • GeoffP - ridicules those who disbelieve in the Illuminati, thereby spreading their message. GeoffP has also threatened those believing in same with electroshock treatments and late-night 'medical' examinations using a device known - somewhat ambiguously and alarmingly - as a "rubber protruder". [citation likely to result in examination with the rubber protruder if given]
  • Oli - [2]


  • The editors of this wiki are the puppets of the Illuminati.



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No, they're not. Now go about your business, citizen. Your IP and ual preference have been logged.

  • Castro was assassinated by the CIA and replaced by a puppet.Message tracked. Sending....sending...error.