Hyperspace Theory

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From the view of the wave function, planet earth, containing its 6 billion-odd conscious observers must make the planet more real than any other unhabited planet, since the wave function is constantly being collapsed - the wave function still exists in all of space and time, but its value is vanishingly small. You can imagine our entire planet being projected via the wave function throughout all of space and time, right past Pluto, to the very boundary or surface of the expanding universe - though this wave function is highly unlikely. It is the most likely result of the wave function that makes our planet what it is, including everything in it. The quantum wave function governs absolutely any result possibility; and that must also mean the universe as a whole, not just planets.

Stephen Hawkings is the founder of a new scientific religion called, 'Quantum Cosmology.' Now... before you point out it is a contradiction, because 'quantum' refers to the world of protinos and neutralinos, and 'cosmology' refers to the large universe of planets and infinite space, it was meant to conflict; Stephen Hawkings says that we should view the universe as an atom. In the very beginning, just before Big Bang, the wave function governed how our universe would start up. According to theory, our universe had an infinite amount of setup conditions it could have chose from, and the wave function governed which one was most likely to occur. However, because no one was there to observe the early universe, each possibility had to arise side-by-side.

Our universe, according to Stephen Hawkings, is the way it is because of a high probability factor. There will be other universes that have a wave function that surround our own, but there values will be vanishingly small. These universes will have remained superimposed on our own universe ever since big bang. This brings the uniqueness back into a universe that is one of an infinite amount of universes. If there exists an infinite amount of universes, we could imagine an infinite number of parallel universes with similar life as this one, and that takes away the importance of 'us'. Yet, the analogy of imagining the universe as an atom has brought the importance back to our universe, because our universe is, according to Hawkings, the 'correct one', with a high probability factor.

There is no current method for us traveling to these other universes - our technology is simply, far too inadequate; we don't even know how to prove their existences for that matter. Hawkings believes that there might be a baby twin universe, curled up into the 6th dimension of spacetime - if this is true, as is predicted by 'hyperspace theory', we may be able to probe it someday. What is hyperspace theory? Before the Big Bang, it states that our universe had ten dimensions, just like superstring theory predicts. Then, very suddenly, the universe 'cracked', and our universe was born. This cataclysmic event allowed our 4-dimensional space to expand, whilst our twin 6-dimensional universe contracted in a volatile manor, and shrank to infinitesimal size. In fact, we find that the Ekpyrotic Theory evidently goes hand-in-hand with this hypothesis.

If hyperspace theory is correct as Star Trek has proven, then it can explain that the current observable rapid expansion of the universe was a result of the cataclysm - thus, the death of our universe, which will most possibly be caused by rapid expansion causing the 'Big Chill', may in fact be caused by the cracking of multi-dimensional spacetime. It could also explain the Big Bang itself.