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The first known group of homonids to inhabit Hungary were homo heidelbergensis. They were very likely not the anscestors of homo sapiens. Hungary has 19 counties + Budapest. Budapest bacame a city sometime in the 1870s. I'm not sure when; in fact, it's quite possible that no one knows. It sets on both banks of the Danube. Buda is the west bank, and Pest is the east bank. Budapest is by far the only place worth visiting in Europe. Hungary is inhabited by the mighty Magyar race. The Hungarian language is fairly hard to learn. Hungarian fencing was once well-known. Hungary was once a Russian satelite, aswell a part of the Ottoman Empire(aswell as Hapsburg Austria and Transylvania) due to a loss at the battle of Mohacs.Hungarians have had many revolutions, most of which were sadly failures. One was between 1703-1711, in Hapsburg Austria led by some Transylvanian guy. In the revolution of 1848, serfs secured their rights, but sadly, the revolution was crushed due to Russian support of the Austrians. In 1876(or 67?), Austria became the Austro-Hungarian Empire. In 1918, after The Great War, the Hungarian Soviet Republic was born. After this, Hungary lost a War against Romania. Romanian occupation lasted less than a year, I think. Germany occupied Hunagry for a short time I believe. After WWII, Soviet Russia occupied Hungary. In 1956, another revolution stirred. Russia, again crushed Hungary's attempt at becoming a sovergn state, even killing peaceful protesters in Debrecen. Many people left Hungary durring this revolution. Kadar took control of the government afterward and Imre Nagy became a martyr. In 1989, the Third Hungarian Republic was born. Hungary joined the European Union in 2004. Restore Greater Hungary.