Heisenberg's Uncertainy Principle

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Anyone with an intact brain should proceed with extreme caution.

The Heisenberg Uncertainty Principle is the penultimate achievement of the science of physics,[citation needed] and should mark the close of all such research, as no further amplification of knowledge beyond that which Principle reveals can possibly be of any utility to the further vastening (a perfectly cromulent word) of human understanding of the nature of the Universe. It's further implications in the realm of philosophical inquiry into the nature of existence mark it as quite possibly the single most important piece of knowledge ever unearthed by humanity.

The Specific Phraseology of the "Voodoo Priests"

To put it as those enganged in the heretical practice of attempting to decipher the sancrosanct celestial nomenclature would ~

In its simplest form, it [The Uncertainty Principle] applies to the position and momentum of any object and implies that if we continue increasing the accuracy with which one of these is measured (or defined), the other will be measured (or defined) with less and less accuracy.

What It Means To Citizen Bacillus

In essence, what this reveals is that we can never truly know where anything actually is, nor where it is going, and the harder we try, the more wrong we will inevitably be. Clearly this marks the highest achievement of all efforts to comprehend Creation, and is an indicator that all such endeavors are ultimately encapsulated by the term " mumbo-jumbo ", and are representative of that seductive misconception that by concocting a Description for a phenomenon, there is achieved some measure of mastery over it.

The inevitable conclusion one must reach as a result of being made privy to this knowledge is that one should spend a great deal less time worrying about what one is doing here in the midst of the Universe, and concentrate on enjoying it more thoroughly. Smiling frequently and thinking Christ - What an imagination I've got ! could well prove instrumental to one's success in such endeavors.