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Americans are advised to turn on their hatred, everybody else be beware of the stink of garlic and poor hygiene. WARNING: THIS ARTICLE MAY CONTAIN SMALL TRACES OF SEMEN.
Anyone with a receptive vagina should proceed with extreme caution.

Someone from France. Often of a cowardly or smelly inclination. Usually seen walking around with a white flag, smoking a French cigarette, holding a baguette in close contact with their armpit, wearing a beret.


Many people are anti-French, but none more so than Americans.

statue of Liberty and anti-French sentiment

American anti-French sentiment is very difficult to understand since France helped the USA gain independence and gave them the statue of Liberty which has come to signify the USA, although it was build by masturbating Frenchmen, for instance Monsieur Eiffel .¨Originally the statue of Liberty was called Liberty Enlightening the World, but the anti-French Americans changed that quickly because it sounds to communist. The name was first changed into Liberty to oppress the World, but some feminists complained and it was renamed to statute of liberty.

Au pairs and anti-French sentiment

What is even more puzzling about the American anti-French sentiment is that it is the greatest desire of all American families to have an Au pair. That is indeed a French word. Very young French girls were placed into a family situation where a sex starved middle aged American father was forced to look at not the average American cow, but a sexy French Hip sex goddess. Needless to say no price is to high for such quality help. Anti-French sentiment did force the American family to broaden their horizon and find young willing women from other nations. Although nothing beats a blow job from a French girl, a blow job is better than no blow job.