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Europe - one of the Earths continents. It includes the British isles. Europe and Britain are not the same thing. Due to continental drift, Europe is moving away from the USA, but McDonalds is here to stay.

Even though Europe effectively created the USA by pointing her most irretrievably-deranged religious headcases in the USA's general direction and waving them off with 3 weeks supply of food, Americans, :rolleyes:, still have the nerve to adopt a snotty, superior attitude towards the motherland, to Europeans' eternal amusement and consternation.

The leaders of Europe

Europe as a cultural identity

Although the geographical boundaries of Europe are clear many people have struggled with defining where Europe ends precisely. Many nations and their people have desired to be part of Europe, and often they thought to be on the edge or beyond the edge of Europe by the core of Europe. The core of the European identity lies in Western Europe and is focussed around Germany, Britain and France. They project cultural and political values that are seen as European.


Europe is like a third-world nation. [1]