Ethics, Morality, and Justice (subforum)

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The correct title of this article should be Ethics, Morality, & Justice. It has been changed due to technical limitations.

Ethics, Morality, & Justice, often abbreviated to EM&J, is a subforum of SciForums. It is moderated by invert_nexus and tiassa.

Ethical Dilemmas

Much of the Ethics, Morality, & Justice forum's content is given over to the discussion of so-called ethical dilemmas, such as the following:

You are an aid worker in a third world country, responsible for grain distribution. The last food convoy sent out to you was stopped and had it's entire shipment stolen by armed gorillas. You consequently have only one bag of grain left and no knowledge of when the next shipment will reach you. Do you:

a. distribute the grain amongst the 100 starving refugees in your care; or

b. give the entire bag to some fat, loud-mouthed American and his appalling wife who have wandered onto your campsite looking for the toilets, and have now spotted the free food.

It's really funny watching brain-dead morons tie themselves up in knots trying to answer what are essentially trick questions with no real answer, which are only invented in order to tie brain-dead morons up in knots.

Existence of Ethics, Morality, and Justice They don't. Except in liquid form.