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The EVIL Conferences are a series of symposia designed to consolidate opinion, doctrine and technology for the worldwide spread of evil. The Conference Series is frequently hosted by the source of most known evil, East Korea.


Evil in Society

Evil in the Workplace: Making Evil Personal

Finding the Evil Within Yourself

Maniacal Laughter - Basic Concepts

Accounting Practice in the Western Hemisphere

Orbital "La-zer" Advancements

Developments in Animal-Mounted Lazer Systems

The positive effects of female breasts and firm nipples on the indoctrination of men

A Guide to Dentistry.

Becoming an Internet Forum Moderator

Masturbation and Human Posture

Selling Your Soul to GeoffP

Selling capitalism

Destroying Socialism 101

Filling your deep pockets with other people's money for the advanced

Cutting out human hearts and 1000 recipes for human liver

Conference locations

Conference venues have included:

1942 - Wannsee, Berlin

1958 - Helsinki, Finland

1980 - Joe Louis Arena; Detroit, USA (accidentally coinciding with the republican convention that year)

1991 - Care-a-lot, Home of the Care Bears

1992 - Tehran, Iran

1993 - Unknown (records lost)

1994 - The Vatican

1995 - Evil City, Tibet

1996 - Sealand Sealand

1997 - GeoffP City, East Korea

1998 - Pyongyang, North Korea

1999 - Oscarville, West Korea

2000 - Teletubbyland.

2001 - Miami, Florida

2002 - Amsterdam, Netherlands

2003 - GeoffP City, East Korea

2004 - Boise, Idaho

2005 - Island from "Lost"

2006 - Riyadh, Saudi Arabia

2007 - Classified


EVIL is an acronym for Evil, Vile, Infernal Lizardoid.

Yes, Evil is in there again. But we do that because we're evil. And trivial.