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http://home.comcast.net/~infinitycrops/dys.jpg WARNING: This article seems to have been written by a particularly dense, blind dyslexic.
You can improve it by translating it into something vaguely resembling English.

Dyslexia is a difficluty in redaing and rwiting, in which ltteres and wrdos are scammrbled in stgrane wyas.

What we need is a cosiety fro dislexics, whre ppl can gather unrde a cmmono banner and shuot to the world:

Dyslexics of the world: UNTIE!

Its also a synonym for American English.

(see also: Buffalo_Roam)

  • Fact:

Those with dyslexia display an unusually high QI amongst the average. This last sentence means that Dyslexic people have high IQs in the group of average IQs, meaning they score around 101. Obviously the first sentence could also have been written by a dyslexic and in that case they probably meant something else.