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Ding-a-ling is the scientific term used to classify individuals (see also: twit) who's sustained belief in completely absurd nonsense has progressed to a point where it's the primary function of their behavior. Ding-a-ling-ism differers from mental illness (like autism, schizophrenia, or tourette's syndrome) due to the fact developmental conditions, or brain damage are not the root cause. Instead, they are simply looney.

The scientific community acknowledges that there is little distinction between dipshits and ding-a-lings. The key characteristic that separates the two is whether or not the behavior exhibited is cuckoo in addition to being totally moronic.

  • Footnote: ding-a-ling is also the ringing sound made by small to medium sized bells whenever they are shaken vigorously. Larger bells make more of a deeper pitched "bonnnnnnnng" sound.