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Diarrhea is one of those subjects that illicit laughter until you yourself actually suffer from it. In technical terms, diarrhea is type of bowel movement - except - instead of normal poo, a discolored gelatinous slurry explodes from the butt like a cannon. To make matters worse, it's extremely noisy, smells horrible, may occur multiple times within short periods of time (IE - multiple times within an hour), and is oftentimes accompanied by pain (cramps, burning, etc). When finished, it is nearly impossible to wipe it all off.
People who've have had diarrhea in public places are well aware of the challenges it poses to one's dignity. They are very familiar with the muscular concentration involved in trying to let it out slowly in a gooey stream instead of a loud explosive crackling. They are familiar with the nervous diplomacy of dealing with someone in an adjacent stall. Lastly, they are very familiar with the manic improvisation needed when something goes wrong.....like getting shit on their pants.

The most common culprits which cause diarrhea are illness, and contaminated food or water.


  • At some point, one of the great poet-songwriters wrote an epic narrative commemorating the finer aspects of diarrhea. This masterpiece is a fixed verse involving the word "diarrhea" spoken in a monotone refrain - followed by a couplet of 14 syllables (two 7 syllable verses).


When you're sitting on a plane,
And you ass starts shooting flames
When you feel your stomach hurt,
and your butt begins to squirt,

......so on and so forth...