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A civil war is a war within a nation between different factions of this nation with the aim of achieving the objective of political dominance.

Civil War in Iraq

Although there has been a civil war in Iraq for a long time, the stubbornest of right-wing Americans still deny there is one.

According to Baron Max and there is no civil war in Iraq.

"One of the problems that I see in calling it a civil war in Iraq, is that I've seen nor heard anything about the political aspirations or goals of either group." Baron Max[1]

Buffalo Roam appears to agree with Baron Max[2], but since he is using CYA academy covert techniques, advanced cryptographers are required to decode his message; fortunately, hypewaders is an accredited cryptographer.[citation needed]

American Civil War

See main article,"American Civil War"

Buffalo Roam has revealed the stunning fact that there has never been an American civil war, it is a conspiracy created by the Northern Aggression, not to be confused with the Northern Alliance which is attempting to do the same thing in Afghanistan to the Taliban.

"If the South had won, they would not have occupied the North or Changed the Government, they would only have demanded a Peace Treaty, and Recognition of the fact that they were a Sovereign Nation.", Buffalo Roam [3]