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Christians are the cult followers of the the holy trinity. They believe that their God inseminated a woman and got her pregnant. This resulted in the birth of baby Jesus. Christians believe Jesus is the son of God. When they are not trying to burn books, kill muslims or indoctrinate their children Christians like to go to church.

A hypothesis by Avatar states that today there is no Christianity as an organised form of religion in the world, because no-one seems to follow the philosophy laid down by Jesus, which can be found out in the New Testament, as well as and mostly in the famous Dead Sea scrolls dug up in the XX century, which have avoided the censorship of the Catholic church during the centuries to come.

Careful analysis of these texts suggests that Jesus wasn't even referring to the Jewish god Jehovah, when talking about God, but, as he was living among Jews, who believed that there is only one god Jehovah, they automatically assumed that the god of which Jesus spoke of must be Jehovah.

Thus the mold of Judaism and Christianity early in the III century created Catholicism, which for political reasons continued to be also called Christianity, although bearing little resemblance to the philosophy of peace, love and heaven on earth by Jesus.