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(any one of these three individuals could be Cazzo - I'm not telling which one)


Cazzo is a 15 year old Girl from Pigsknuckle Arkansas. She is the illegitimate offspring of Rush limbaugh and Tinkywinky from the Tellytubbies, conceived during one of Rush's drug fueled date-rape sprees. Cazzo is of mostly human appearance, apart from a large fuzzy antenna on the top of her head, Cazzo claims that through this antenna she receives "messages", "images", and, perhaps most sinisterly, "instructions. She refuses to elaborate on what these messages etc contain or who they are from. Cazzo was abandoned at birth by Tinkywinky, and set adrift on a raft made of rolled up Socialist Worker newspapers. She was eventually found and raised by a family ultra-conservative fundamentalist Christian Rutabagers who raised her to believe that the reading of any book or newspaper beyond its headline was evil, and that socialists and Muslims should be eaten. As such Cazzo has never read a book - but she's read loads more book titles 'than any fucker here right! she has also eaten 33 socialists and 14 Muslims in her life and thinks they taste lovely. Due to her unconventional parentage and upbringing, it is postulated that Cazzo undergoes a remarkable change whenever the Earth, moon, sun, and Venus are in alignment, and for a whole 25 minutes she gives candy to small children, wears flowers in her hair, and plays folk music on an acoustic guitar. This is disputed however as the only first-hand witness was Mr Abdul Mohammed Ahkbar of the Arkansas Socialist Union, who was promptly eaten as the moon moved out of alignment.

Contributions to SciForums

Cazzo's main contributions to SciForums are:

Cazzo likes to post sensationalist headlines about Global Warming, from articles that are considerably more mundane on the subject than Cazzo thinks. Unfortunately due to Cazzo's religious convictions, she is never able to read beyond the headline, and thus never realises her mistake until after she has been made to look exceedingly foolish.

Cazzo blames socialists, muslims, terrorists, socialists, the left, the radical left, leftists, radical leftists, socialists and leftical radists (but they are really rare so who cares), and finally socialists for EVERYTHING EVER EVER EVER EVER!!!

Cazzo also holds the world record for having used the phrase "radical leftist" more times than anyone in a single post.

Cazzo is the inventor of Manties Manties