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The brain is the place where thoughts originate and memory is stored. This description is of course highly inaccurate. Does the thought of sex originate in the brain or in the genitals when the genitals of a man is being stroked by a busty nympho blonde?

Monkey Brains

Monkey brains are a delicacy in India[1][2].

S.A.M.'s monkey brain recipe!

  • Take one medium sized monkey from the cage
  • tie it down to the plate using duct tape or superglue (make sure you tie it down with its backside and not its head; you need access to the head later!)
  • serve the monkey on a plate to your guests with a bone saw and a spoon.
  • instruct the guests (if they are new to it) how to saw the top of the monkey skill
  • off and scoop out the brain with the spoon while it is still warm.
  • provide aprons if necessary
  • discard left overs

See also Male Brain and female brain.