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Bones are stiff load bearing structures in the body of some animals. The adult human skeleton is made up of 206 bones on average. As a baby you start with more bones but several fuse together because they feel lonely.

Human bones range in size from the femur, the largest, to the stirrup, the smallest. most bones can be rotated around one end. some are fused, for example the bones in the cranium.

It's not known whether other species have bones, unless you are a biologist and know that most animal species do not have bones. Which, obviously, most of us aren't. And common sense tells us that animals must have bones.

- Derivations:

to bone (verb) US slang

boner (noun) US slang

Fun Trivia

God has 206 bones since man was created in his image.

Adam has a rib missing, God stole it to make Eve or soup.

A woman only has 205 bones.