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Banishment is a type of forced exile from a community, place, or institution. Banishments are typically dictated through official decree by relevant authority figures, or by the community itself. Banishment can either be temporary, or permanent.

SciForums and banishment

When a SciForums user is banished, their membership status is referred to as banned. This happens whenever a user either demonstrates behavior that conflicts with the rules and recommendations of the forum[1], or requests it from a moderator.

Users who've been banned are no longer able to post on the forums, and are presented with a message that informs them of their banned status when they try to log in[2]. Consequently, they find themselves cut off from life support, only to waste away and drown in a miasma of offline interaction.

Active SciForums users can view the names of the users who've been banned by looking at the ban list[3]. Others can hop on a commuter train, and ride downtown to visit the SciForums Museum of Banishment.