Baba Yaga

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Baba Yaga is a mean old lady, mentioned in slavic mythology, who lives in a hut with alive chicken legs and herself flies using a broom and a basket. She is a witch and loves to eat small children.

Other sources confirm

BABA-YAGA: The Slavic Goddess of Death. She's a horror thriller killer diller — forget Godzilla. Check her out. [1]

She lives in a house built of human bones, complete with bone fence with inset skulls whose eye sockets light up in the dark. And it's a mobile home — it runs around supported on gigantic chicken legs.

If this doesn't make you chicken out, her own eyes turn humans to stone, and her mighty mouth has knives for teeth.

She can also pole herself around in a giant pestle and mortar which she also uses to grind up and unpetrify her victims. Coming soon to a forest near you.