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The Axis of GeoffP is a hard, dedicated, debt-free cadre of committed counterrevolutionaries that GeoffP is forced to take the side of when his end of political spectrum drops the ball yet again. Several of them are rightwingers, whom GeoffP intends to betray the very moment he takes power...POWER. MuhuhuhaHAAHAAAAAA...I'm sorry. What were we talking about?

The Axis of GeoffP is based in East Korea.

Some of the Axis of GeoffP are rumoured to be Lizardoids; this rumour is vigourously denied by GeoffP's Chief Henchman and Flower-Arranger, Kla'atu-Eater-of-Insects.

The Axis is at the root of all modern evils, including: the 9/11 Attacks, Intolerance in islamic politics, Australian dwarf-chucking, the murder of Anna Nicole Smith, the impending American invasion of South Korea, the Iran-Iraq War, the Gulf War and the War of the Worlds. In fact, it is probably more accurate to simply blame the Axis of GeoffP for everything that goes wrong in your own society, rather than take responsibility for it or do anything about it yourself. The AoGP may also be blamed for generalized personal failings. GeoffP during a Christmas office party. The digital watch was a present from Bush. Also the beard.

Current Employment

The Axis of GeoffP is currently accepting applications for Lizardoids (3c), Henchmen (3H) and Intermediate Accountants (3Z).

Please submit a curriculum vitae, a Statement of Torturing Interests and a cover letter detailing your professional scope and plans in the area of Sheer, Unadulterated Evil to:

The Broken Water Pipe

No. 10 Hill Road

Haringey, London


We regret that applications cannot be returned, and will probably be eaten in order to memorize your scent, foolish huumanss.

Members of the Axis of GeoffP
The Popular Front of Judea