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Most commonly found on the Internets, an attention whore is almost invariably a sixteen year old girl who desperately craves attention in any form. More than a handful of attention whores are completey insane.

While it is widely believed that there is a special circle of Hell for attention whores, the truth is that their own miserable lives are worse than any punishment that Satan could create.

Example of a post (by a guy)

Hey, guys! I know I'm totally awesome! Also, I just DLed my LiveJournal. I'm sick of that emo trash. So, before I go and do my nightly cutting, I need to say this:

Last weekend I had a magical night with someone. We held hands, we kisses, we really connected.

I wrote a poem:

It was magic It was dark It was mystery We were stark

In your bed On my mind I think you are Very fine

Caleb, I love you! I've decided! [1]

I know, none of you understand me. I'm just like Bono (U2).

Hello, hello Hola I'm at a place called Vertigo Dond' esta It's everything I wish I didn't know But you give me something I can feel Feel

Shot dead Shots fall Show me, yeah

That's how I feel inside! I fucking wish you people would stop stalking me! I'm talking to you, Pablo. Now you're even reading this, my one safe haven. You tried to rape me how many fucking times? It's making me sadder and sadder.

Now I have some cutting to do!

How an Attention Whore Answers Questions

The internets are filled with thousands of redundant questionaires, most of which ask the same retarded questions over and over, usually geared at 16 year old girls. An attention whore will generally try to answer as many of these as possible, and will put up answers such as follows:

24. DO YOU HAVE A CRUSH CURRENTLY? omg paul weller <3

25. WHAT WAS THE LAST THING YOU THOUGHT ABOUT? how my vagina can crush a golf ball

26. WHAT WAS THE LAST THING YOU ATE? la la laaaa la the tenth dimension ponies googly moogly

27. DO YOU LIKE ANY OF YOUR TEACHERS? i sucked his cock, does that mean i like him lol

28. WHAT DO YOU WANT TO DO WHEN YOU GROW UP? be a unicorn. or a rapist

29. DO YOU LIKE LESBIANS omfg hot like fire fire burning in my pussy oh god lick lick tongue lick <3

30. HAVE U KISSED ANY ONE IN THE LAST WEEK?? blah blah blahblahblahblah fuck you blah la laaaaa

31. DO YOU HAVE ANY NICKNAMES? bitch, cunt, whore, slut, slutface, cuntwhore, ice queen, fuck you

Famous Attention Whores

  1. rottie
  2. S.A.M
  3. Gustav
  4. The Devil Inside's kitten[2]
  5. spuriousmonkey
  6. Athelwulf
  7. Communist Hamster
  8. Buddha1
  9. Spidergoat
  10. GeoffP
  11. sandy
  12. Anybody who adds his or her own name to this list.
  13. muslim
  14. Tnerb
  15. draqon
  16. inzomnia
  17. Absane (his foot)[3]
  18. MZ3Boy84[4]