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Athelwulf's avatar.
The correct title of this article is Athelwunf. It appears incorrectly because of technical restrictions.

Athelwulf is a member of SciForums and the moderator of Free Thoughts and Parapsychology.

In early 2007, Athelwulf proposed the idea of a SciForums wiki. In early March 2007, this wiki was created.

He coined the term snotwuh and became the tormented subject of the WWAD movement.


  • Athelwulf masturbates to Cindy Sheehan and he is not the only one.
  • Athelwulf is clingy. Or Klingon, whatever.
  • Everything you ever wanted to know about Athewulf is here: [1]
  • Athelwulf has the perfect qualities for being a moderator; "I get very angry sometimes. I'm very vindictive. I love to get my own way"[2]. "When I get really angry, I get really agressive. I bang on tables and kick walls and slam doors. I don't always express anger in a physical way, though. I also yell a lot when I'm mad. Ya can correctly guess, given this info, that I'm moody." [3]
  • Athelwulf is a confused young man; "I really wanna buck the establishment! No conservative conformatism for me! I share some opinions with Republicans"[4].
  • Athelwulf loves being addressed as Athenwulf, or Athelwunf, or by some other corruption of his eminently-malleable username. [5]
  • Yet, Athelwunf doesn't go to Athelwulf, but rather to this guy.
  • Similarly he isn't particular about his first name either: Patrick, Peter, Rick, it is all good[6].
  • Athelwulf likes to relax by writing essays on American presidents. [7][8]