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An atheist is a person who does not believe in God, or gods.

However just because of that fact don't assume that an atheist is a reasonable and logical person, once in a blue moon an atheist is just as raving mad and full of irrational beliefs as a christian or a muslim. Allegedly particular cases of this occurance can be observed in the Pseudoscience (subforum)(ref 1). Also it is not logical to believe that all atheists are in a healthy mental condition. Atheism in NOT a belief, it is the lack of a belief.

Weak and Strong Atheism

Some atheists make a further distinction between weak atheism and strong atheism.

Strong atheists deny that God exists as a matter of principle. They hold that the notion of the existence of supernatural beings with the attributes usually given to God(s) is unsustainable.

Weak atheists admit that a god may exist in principle, but say that there is no reason to believe that God(s) exist unless there is sufficient evidence to establish that existence. They deny that the evidential burden has been met, and therefore do not profess a belief in God.


Agnosticism is not the same as atheism. In particular, an agnostic is not the same as a weak atheist.

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1. personal communication with Avatar.