Artificial stupidity

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Artificial stupidity is a term used for the science and engineering of making moronic machines. It can also refer to idiocy exhibited by an artificial (man-made, non-natural, manufactured) entity.

Research in A.S. is concerned with producing machines to automate tasks requiring stupid behavior. Examples include control issues, having a lack of planning and scheduling, the ability to answer diagnostic and consumer questions incorrectly, scribbling, natural language spoken with poor grammar, and facial recognition followed by immediately forgetting their name. As such, the study of A.S. has also become an engineering discipline focused on creating problems, dumbness mining, software errors, and mindless games.
One of the biggest difficulties with A.S. is that of "lacking comprehension". Many devices have been created that can do extremely stupid things, but critics of A.S. claim that no legitimate brain fart by the AI machine has taken place.

Research challenges

One ambitious project by students at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology is the Sandroid.