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Armenians turn out to have quite decent early units. The Armenian infantry can be compared to the byzantine infantry. They are quite good for the early period and make a good overall infantry unit. I quickly made up as many units as I could and then launched a vicious attack on the nasty turks as soon as possible, because they could genocide anyone. The combination of good infantry and nice cavalry units meant serious death for the turks. I quickly took all their regions, never quite stopping. I just kept pushing on. After a short period of recuperation I decided that the evil Egyptians were looking funny at me. I couldn't really attack my Byzantine brothers since we share the same religion so I went for the evil muslims. Quite a good move. The egyptian lands are good money makers and I could keep on pushing out infantry and cavalry, and build up improvements in my capital region. The lack of decent archer units was a hindrance though. So I just rushed the Egyptians with infantry charges combined with cavalry thrusts. They were begging for mercy soon, but they never got it. I took all. /giggle Now the period of peace and building started. I pushed a bit up north to keep the barbarians out, but that was it. A prosperous period of peace and trade started. I started pumping out ships and building up the newly gained regions in the middle east, building a church in Jerusalem, albeit and a orthodox one. After a while though the purple flags of the Byzantines started to bother me. So gay. And they were next to my homeland.Since basically we had equal units I pushed right through them. My war machine had recuperated and was in full swing. We captured all their lands, except some islands in the sea. We took possession of their mighty Byzantium. All seemed well in the world of Armenia. The cities were prospering. The units retrained with new armour. The trading fleet was expanding. Till the King of Armenia got bored. He took one of his armies and pushed it into the Balkan region. Needless to say his first push into the belly of Europe was a matter of shock and awe. He ended up in hungary. Similarly a trusted general began his push from Egypt towards Morocco. Another general started pushing up north towards the Russian hinterlands. All went well, till it all went pear shaped. The King decided to rest in Hungary. The Genoese had developed outside the sight of Armenian spies a huge army. It decided to cut off the mighty Egyptian army from the remainder of the kingdom. In the Russian Hinterlands the Novgorods and the volgagrads (or something) decided to strike our north-eastern army with their mighty armies consisting of thousands of crack troops. We had a measly 2000 there in our imperial army. Needless to say, we got our asses kicked. Similarly the Egyptian army had fought its way back to Egypt for retraining and new troops, only to see the newly conquered territory being taken over by evil christian Genoese. A 4 stacked army consisting of around 4,000 soldiers. All provinces were instructed to start pumping out new armies. Never mind that most of these provinces weren't capable of making crack troops. The armenian heart of the empire was threatened by the approach of the volgograds. Armenia pumped out armies and armies. Neighbouring regions pumped out more, but inferior armies. The approach had to be stopped. Similarly the regions surrounding Egypt started pumping out troops to block the approach of the Genoese. Then the newly conquered regions in the Balkan came under the attack of the French, the Hungarians and other homosexual nations.The mighty Armenian empire was under attack from three sides by many nations with many mighty armies.Armenia was cracking.The king fought his way back to Byzantium from Hungary. All the newly conquered European lands were given up all was concentrated in '''Byzantium''', closing off the empire from a western approach. Similarly the genoese were held off in Egypt and losing all the newly gained territory. It took a few more battles before finally the volgograds and novogrods could be stopped too from their nothern approach. They were actually inside what would now be turkey. Just one territory away from Armenia itself. All reserves were gone.Inferior units had been pumped out in all regions to supply the diminished armies of Armenia with reserve units.The King of Armenia had to hold his sphincter tight to keep it all together. Meanwhile a might naval battle ensued that would continue for many years to come. The Armenian fleet had to protect the homeland and fight off English, Genoese and volgogrod ships.meanwhile a battle of attrition had commenced.A stale mate had begon. Neither of the parties were strong enough to dislodge the huge armies involved. And while the Armenian infantry was shithot in the start of the game, now it was showing its age. Against the superior European units it had difficulty to perform. A slow and deliberate war had now commenced that consisted out of attacks that only had the objective to kill as many enemies as possible. Victory was impossible at this stage with a war raging on on many fronts.Byzantium was safe soon. The armies of Egypt were resupplied and enlarged. The moment their numbers reached 4,000 the Armenian king sailed to Egypt and joined the Egyptian army.The next year it invaded the neighbouring province with the aim to annihilate the genoese army, also numbering 4,000+. The king led the attack.It went well initially. The enemy was suffering. Till they hit our Armenian infantry with theirs. The Armenians ran.The Armenian king Ran.1,500 Armenians were lost as opposed to 500 Geonese. We had lost. We had lost badly. More reserve armies were pulled out of the provinces. Egypt would have to be happy with defending. Keeping the status quo in this region.The king went to the North to his capital province, Armenia, and surrounded himself with a new army of crack troops. The king went to teach the barbarians from the Russian Hinterlands a lesson.This war would last two decades. The attack grinding to a halt due to excessive loss of armies.The King was happy though. He pushed into the steppes and made Armenia breath more relax again.He left it at this to recuperate in Armenia.The second great War. Reserve armies had been kicked out for decades now. Finally the King had the spare armies to start a campaign again. He moved a mighty army to byzantyum. And he pushed back into evil Europe taking back most of the Balkan region and even Venice. France had joined to war against Armenia but it didn't matter.The Egyptian army was rested and restocked and it was ordered to attack the mighty army of Genoa.Both sides lost excessively but Armenia won. The back of Genoa was broken in the deserts of the Mediterranean. The armenian army didn't push on though, just consolidated. new era had started. Crossbowmen and arbalesters had become available.New units were pumped out to supply the Armenian army with some real firepower. The King moved to the steppes of russia where there was still a stalemate. He started kicking ass there, although terrible losses occurred. Halberdiers became available. Finally there was an infantry unit that could replace the aging armenian infantry. Unfortunately only a few cities were capable of training them.And then shit happened.France kicked the shit out of venice with a mighty army, and then taking over most of the balkan region.And the Mongol Horde attacked from the east. The king was deep in the russian steppes. He was about to cut off from his Kingdom.He quickly fought his way back and took a boat back to turkey. All provinces went on alert and started training units. Luckily the Mongol Horde started its campaign slowly. The king was back and took charge of the first line of defense. The mongols attacked. 17,000 mongols (!!) under the leadership of the Khan invaded the province defended by the King of Armenia. The king had a massive army of 7,000 which was still nothing compared to the 17,000 mongols.The battle took 2.5 hours to fight. And this with mostly accelerated time.We stopped the first wave. Managed to kill the Khan.We kicked their arses.And then wave after wave after wave of Mongol heavy cavalry, horse archers, steppe cavalry and mongol warriors attacked.We defended well, but were seriously hindered by the fact that hardly any of the replacement units were archer units. Thus mostly hand to hand combat took place.And we won. Time ran out. 6,000 mongols died that day. 2,000 Armenian died. The Khan had no successors. Armenian saved Europe from the mongol horde. lol