Arctic circle

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Due to the earth's tilt there is a portion of the earth that receives no sunlight during certain portions of the year. at other times they receive no nighttime.

The northern most extent at which this happens is the arctic circle, the southernmost is the antarctic circle

There are 4 other circles of note on earth. they are the equator, tropic of Capricorn, tropic of Cancer, and the prime meridian/ international date line.

  • equator divides the earth exactly in half between the poles it runs east and west.
  • prime meridian is where time is measured from. it passes through greenwitch (pronounced gren-itch) england. it runs north and south.
  • the international date line is where the day changes. it follows a jagged route north and south through the mid pacific ocean.
  • tropic of cancer edit me.
  • tropic of capricorn edit me.