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An archaeologist is a type of adventurous career involving the scientific study of ancient human civilizations.

Being an archaeologistis far more exciting than being a paleontologist. In addition to proper scientific techniques involved in the handling of sites and artifacts, Archaeologists must be proficient in avoiding various ancient booby traps and magical curses. They also have to be physically fit, and handy with firearms (in case of evil villains showing up to hog all the glory). The usual archaeologists profile is that of a heroic alpha male - a magnet for the ladies.
This is totally opposite to the meticulous work done by those anal paleontologists who spend all their time hanging out with students in various pits whilst sifting through dirt with a toothbrush. Archaeologists use their leadership skills to hire expendable lackeys to do all the legwork. They spend the majority of time loitering around the site until one of the lackeys blurts excited sounding mumbo-jumbo (or triggers the booby trap and dies), then cruise over to investigate.