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Anarchy is a poltical and personal philosphy focused on ultimate freedom for an indivisual. It basses it self around anti-biggovernment and social segreagation terms. The beliefe that every human being is equall to another is strongly instilled in the anarchist platform. Anarchist believe that humans have a few basic rights, and these are the only "laws" that should be focused on and protected. Those rights include The Right To Live, The Right Of Free Thought and Expression, and The Right of Libery aswell as a few others. Anarchist stand strongly that humans have the right to do what they want, how they want, when they want as long as it does not negaitvaly effect another human being physicaly, econamicaly ect. When people say anarchist believe there should be no government or order and that they are for chaos they are very wrong. The basic rights that human beings would recieve in an anarchist community give an order that does not infect or bleed into freedom, and protect the people living in such community. Anarchist believe that people in government have too much power, and that the way Americas government is currently allows for a hierarchy of people. A hierarchy of people allows that hierarchy to believe they are above everyone else, so that they have ultimate rule over those people. Anarchist propose that if you take so much power away from such a small amount of people and give it back to the citizens that such hierarchys are impossible to be established.