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East Korea is a secret Nation led by GeoffP and the origin of most of the innocent terrorist organizations and origami groups.

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East Korea


On sole virtue of being communist, East Korea is an excessively drab, unfunny, grey and dreary nation. The capital is noted for a persistent, dismal drizzle of precipitation, like England or the space under redarmy11's groin. This is the effect of a combination of the North Korean Cold Current and the East Korea Warm Current, which combine to form the West Korea Lukewarm Current.

The heroic capital of East Korea is GeoffP City named after the Great Leader of East Korea. Just North of GeoffP City is a huge heroic facility for disposal of handicapped people rounded up in the capital. Obviously letting The Great Leader live in the same city as handicapped people is an insult to The Great Leader. Dead and handicapped people are burned east of GeoffP City often leading to huge columns of black smoke in the East eradicating the need for a compass around GeoffP City.

After all the excitement of the capital city the rest of East Korea is rather boring (but heroic), with the People's Forests in the southwest and the People's fish in the ocean, and the People's garbage dumps and People's Barbed-Wire Fences around the borders to...uh...keep out the Imperialist Running-Dog South Koreans and the Not-Imperialist-But-Brother-Communists-We-Don't-Like North Koreans. In between these features are several secret facilities of the illuminati. They are shown on the map with invisible pixels. You can make them visible by sprinkling your screen with the pee of a virgin, or the tears of a Gypsy (slang for Roma). The East Korea Warm Current passes north along the eastern coastline.

On most maps the Great Nation of East Korea is depicted as ocean. Obviously these maps are produced by denialists.

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GeoffP City

GeoffP city is the greatest capital city in the world according to all East Korean History books. The central feature of GeoffP City and a main tourist attraction is the presidential palace where The Great Leader of East Korea resides when he isn't ruling the World or frolicking in the East Korea Warm Current.

The Presidential Palace and an Imperial Guard.

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Port Spurious

Although not shown on most maps Port Spurious is one of the largest ports in the world if you count the number of bordellos, massage parlours with happy endings, whorehouses and strip clubs which can be identified by their red markings. Port Spurious is located just outside GeoffP City about 5 km inland. It is therefore about 10 km from the East Korea Warm Current.


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East Korea is ably defended by the heroic People's East Korean Army (PEKA), formed in 1955 as a response to growing militarism in West Korea. Five years of National Service is mandatory for all citizens and lost tourists; failure to serve is usually punished by the forcible readings of the works of IAC, TDI and/or Happeh. PEKA is presently organized into two armoured divisions, five motor-rifle divisions, and a battalion of hardened Scottish Highlanders arrayed in fully-sequined battle gowns. It is not entirely certain what "hardened" refers to precisely, which lends to their frightening reputation.

At sea, East Korea maintains a moderately sized Battle Group of 12 EK-1 Patrol Boats, 4 EK-3A Frigates, and several Sharks With Frickin Laser Beams Attached To Their Heads (SWFLBATTH).

All heroic East Korean forces are commanded by heroic Chuck Norris.

East Korea was one of the nations that invaded the United States in that Marvel Ultimates series, sending the renowned East Korea heroic superhero Captain Cigarette. He was considered ineffective but a suitable moral lesson about the perils of enjoying life.

East Korean forces also served in the recent SciWar by unknown terrorists led and organized by ToR, defending East Korean SciTerritory against repeated attacks by encyclocidal enemies.

East Korean commandos preparing for a surveillance mission in Korea


East Korea has absolutely no mineral resources whatsoever, and nothing else of any value. So its pretty safe from US invasion/bombing. Or so you would think. East Korea has been locked in an ongoing Cold War with the US for the past ten years; the US periodically embargoes East Korea, while East Korea bombards the US with mind control rays.

East Korea has a large coastline and its first line of defense are the Jessica Alba Clone Depth Bomb Throwers (JACDBT). If the depth bombs fail the JACDBT will engage the second line of defense consisting out of enticing the approaching enemy soldiers trying to beach the beaches of East Korea and engage in a devious sexual act. Once the act is completed the JACDBT will bite the head off the enemy penetrator.


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