AWG-53B Penis Cruise Missile

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AWG-53B Penis
Goverment: United Sovereign Lemon Republic
Weapon Type: Cruise Missile
Range: 50 Lightyears
Blast Radius: .5 Lightyears

Althogh never tested on Earth (or any place else for that matter), The AWG-53B Penis Cruise Missile was designed to combat the SWFLBATTHs in the USLR-East Korean War.


The original AWG-53A Penis was considers "too weak and too small" by General Phallus of the USLR Air Force.

Future Plans

The USLR will probably continue using the AWG-53 missile until it's downfall in 3315011340 A.D., dispite plans of the new AWG-53C cruise missile.