95% of men have a sexual need for other men

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95% of men have a sexual need for other men is a classic thread created by Buddha1. Here he argued that in fact 95% of all man are homosexual even if they claim they are not. The thread was eventually closed by goofyfish.

Buddah1 derived his 'thesis' from his experiences of growing up in his home country (never revealed, but thought to be somewhere in Asia), during which he was repeatedly fondled and rubbed up against by strange men in crowded public places. All attempts to convince him that this isn't a universal phenomenon fell by the wayside.

The theory

Buddha1's theory was allegedly all based on different sets of hard evidence. Unfortunately he was a bit sloppy with correlations. He was sloppy in many things. When he said 95% he actually meant a near total majority, and not exactly that number[1]. He claimed that heterosexual men denied their homosexuality because of the pressures of social masculinity[2].

The evidence

The hard evidence comes mainly from the animal kingdom where apparently homosexuality is rampant among bonobos and giraffes[3]. Interestingly bulls can only get excited when facing other bulls during the gathering of sperm for artificial insemination by male farmers[4]. He also did hands on work on the human penis. Allegedly most men get an erection when they have to whip out their penis in front of Buddha1[5].