1811 A Comet and A Quake

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     December 16, 2011 marks the two hundredth anniversary of when a piece of Comet C/1811 F1, also known as The Great Comet of 1811, impacted our planet and caused "The New Madrid Earthquake", also known as "The Great Earthquake of 1811-1812". This has been a hidden, little known, lost piece of history, that very few have taken the time to investigate, and many have misconstrued or misunderstood now for nearly two centuries. This comet was reported, by several astronomers, to appear, at one point, to be fifty percent larger than the sun. Finally, new, physical, tangible evidence has been found to prove this to be fact. An impact crater has been found in Northern Mississippi, stretching from ten to fifteen miles in diameter. It is in the middle of the state, at the very top, partially into Tennesee. On a satellite view you can go to this point, pan out, and this will reveal stratus lines from a shockwave, that had occurred immediately after the initial blast. These lines appear as a huge thumbprint covering more than four states, surrounding the immediate crater. At the center of these lines, mainly on the northwest face of the crater, are many deep canyons and creeks, where hundreds of meteorites, petrified wood, many rocks that were obviously molten, and even incased body parts from the natives and animals in the area were found. I fully understand how unbelievable this may seem at first, but once all the evidence has been studied, this will be found to be true. So, If this may interest you, then I invite you to this site at www.wix.com/koolkreations/kalopins-legacy ,[documents and links], "a few comments on 1811", and read this article. Study the satellite image, the photos at this site,and all the evidence you may find on the events of 1811-1812. Find out how much more fascinating a story this becomes!