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The Unofficial encyclopedia team has provided much of the content and is constantly refining the encyclopedia. Contrary to popular opinion, the Unofficial encyclopedia team has not broken up and declared war on each other. The very notion of an internal war is anathema to the free, non-violent nature of the Unofficial encyclopedia team. Anyone believing in such a war will be shot. In fact, the team spends most of their time making love to each other and this has seriously affected the quantity of contributions to the wiki.

Our aim is to make this encyclopedia a true reflection of the Cesspool, or at least one giant hissy fit.

Join us now and be assimilated in the collective! Or be shot!

current projects

Kim il Jong'ifying the encyclopedia

Kim il Jong is the great leader of East Korea. He is probably the most handsome man on this planet if we do not count GeoffP. Kim il Jong knows everything and has excelled in everything. A relevant picture of him should be on every page. Do not copy past the same picture anywhere. Make it count. Make it a positive contribution.

  • The known vandal James R is known to vandalise Kim il Jong, the Great Leader, on sciwiki. Do not let him oppress the Great Leader and our Great Sciwiki!

Reverting vandalism by kantelar, perplexity, ron harvey

Can't we hire a bot to do this??? Yes, we can ask leopold. Or we could have her blocked by plazma. It would have to be an IP block.Or have editing disabled on the page. Do you really think his wife is also a nutter? Why aren't we talking on the talk page. That would cause one hissy fit. team. I am going to bed. Let's keep reverting or do it when he is sleeping.

  • Project completed with 100% success!


sponsors needed

  • We are still looking for sponsors to pay for leopold99's drug dealer.