The Devil Inside

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The Devil Inside is a former rollerdisco goth icon that has since hung up his skates to (much like Robocop):

  • 1. Serve the public trust.
  • 2. Protect the innocent.
  • 3. Uphold the law.
  • 4. Suck at Medieval Total War.

It should be noted that he has failed miserably in achieving any of the above, except the last one.


The Devil Inside is probably the most important member of Sciforums. His razor sharp wit, stunning good looks, and generally care free attitude all sit well with other members..Regardless of what other members say, he is well groomed and always genial. He is also half Belgian and fond of gay generals.


The Devil Inside is known for his dashing good looks.

TDI in 2005

Significant Contributions

None. The Devil Inside has stated that he wishes to contribute nothing to Sciforums but spam and gibberish. He is known to ramble on and on in Flemish (badly) when he is bored and has nothing to do at home.


The Devil Inside loves Russian food, reportedly. He is known for his intolerant attitude toward racists, and has openly mounted "ban campaigns" in defiance of site rules. Nobody likes nazis who want to ban people. He often forgets the principle propogated by Gandhi: "Do not hate the hater". Of course, Gandhi was a punkass.

Disciplinary Actions

The Devil Inside has been banned only once, by Goofyfish. The banning was the result of The Devil Inside calling a spambot a "retard" and the ban was totally justified.

He also only got permbanned once.

TDI and terrorism

It is a well known fact that The Devil Inside has always been a fighter against terrorism. He prevented many airplane hijackings by carrying a can of creamed corn and an old skiing sock on him[1].


  • The Devil Inside gives new meaning to the word sloth.
  • The Devil Inside is a follower of Judaism.
  • The Devil Inside hates extremism of all kinds.
  • The Devil Inside is an expatriate citizen of the U.S.A., currently residing in Belgium.
  • The Devil Inside won a game of Medieval Total War against Spuriousmonkey on March 15, 2007, but only because Spuriousmonkey was forced to have Nickelodeon as his ally. In a straight game mano a mano The Devil Inside is a loser.
  • The Devil Inside was the #3 ranked pokemon gameboy player in the world in 1999-2000, ranked by pojo magazine.
  • The Devil Inside has proven himself flame retardant. [2]
  • Or merely retarded. Either way.
  • Blind people call him handsome, because he smells gay like David Hasselhoff.
  • The Devil Inside doesn't drink his own pee. He drinks strangers' pee. But not from the tap (not often, anyway).
  • The Devil Inside is een zotte lambik.
  • After exploratory surgery, doctors confirmed that The Devil Inside indeed has a devil inside. His name is Nickelodeon.
  • The Devil Inside hates us guys[3].
  • The Devil Inside likes kicking puppies, and debating retards before eating them [4].
  • The Devil Inside is a psycho.
  • The Devil Inside eats his own poo.
  • The Devil Inside dances naked on the grave of an elderly Belgian lady at full moon. Because they all do.
  • The Devil Inside is an amateur ninja.
  • There is more Trivia on The Devil Inside than anywhere else. Because TDI is a trivial person.