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Anyone with an intact brain should proceed with extreme caution.

He first appeared on SciForums February 16, 2006 known then as EMUSQUIRE. At first his questions and remarks seemed reasonable infact he wasn't at this time known to very many of the members. Under EMUSQUIRE his posts seemed to focus merely on paranormal phenomena, occasionally stepping into other areas of SciForums. As time progressed he simply ceased posting, instead leaving for whatever semblance of life he may have had. It was during this time we believe his madness, or deranged genius developed into what he's now recognized for, "eccentricity" (see also tic).

During his on-again off-again postings he vanished for a period of time only later to return under a new username SDERENZI. His previous login EMUSQUIRE seemed to have been abandoned in favour of this new nick, for whatever reason it may forever be a mystery to us. He now was aggressive, posted more, and entered different areas of topic than his older counterpart. Having abandoned his prior style his new username was quite the talk. It took some time before he was noticed by members of the community, although once a period of months had elapsed his postings became more bizarre, occasionally pushing the limit of what science allows and going towards the extreme. No one can argue that he received a lot of attention specifically when he began mentioning sexual topics etc. One such thread "How Young Would You Go Mating With a Female?" seemed to be merely a poll but then later would become a brawl. During this time posts of any topic would come to light, he also replied to many postings from other members. He never harassed anyone but merely spoke his darkest feelings, some of which include:

"Would You Rape A Hot Chick?" [citation needed]

"Would You Kill Innocents For Fun?" [citation needed]

"Is Incest Wrong?" [citation needed]

"How Long Until I Get Laid" [citation needed]

"Woman Like Sex?" [citation needed]

"I First Had Sex (Select Age)" [citation needed]

"You've Had (Select # Of) Sexual Partners" [citation needed]

Many of these threads were closed when it was increasingly realized that sderenzi was merely searching for people with common interests. SciForums is not a fucking dating service.

It was clear to most users SDERENZI lacked many friends, instead focusing his time in the online world known as the internet. Within time he disclosed his address, identity, and many personal things having to do with his fantasies. Some members became concerned and tried having him banned, however their attempts were met with rejection, often-times they themselves being warned off.

As SDERENZI he tore a path threw posting anything and anything he desired. Many complained he was polluting their polls by making outlandish, wild, and insane statements, however some truly believed he was honest. Part of the disbelief in his comments stemmed from his lack of focus on particular subjects. He would constantly begin polls of a sexual nature, some thought merely to gain attention. However, after those on the forum began ignoring his posts there began a love-hate relationship.

For awhile he vanished, claimed he'd never post again, and went off to whatever he does in his free time. Later returning with a vengeance he began posting topics even more bizarre and "touchy" than before. He made comments in threads about rape, woman, etc.

Some of his final posts were:

"Will You Get Married"[citation needed]

"sderenzi - explained" [citation needed]

"SciForum Tales" [citation needed]

"Sleep With Stepmother?" [citation needed]

Many wondered at his requests to be banned, and for awhile he was finding no relief from any of the moderators. They explained they'd continue giving him infractions but would not ban him, that he alone was the one that would get himself banned. It was believed he would continue his postings forever, until his final cards were drawn...

During the thread "Ban Me Moderators" he requests specifically that he be banned from SciForums, stating they erased his "Super Columbine Massacre RPG!" post. It was later revealed they had indeed taken his thread off their server, and without notice been deleting other things he'd posted. This was cited as the main reason he desired to be banned.

Eventually they did ban him, and for months his presence was not felt on nearly as much. Some threads like "Will You Get Married" did quite well even after SDERENZI was banned. They continued growing but then dropped down on the list of topics.

Some final topics not taken very seriously from were:

"TMNT VS Transformers VS Rainbow Bright" [citation needed]

"Columbine - Real or Not?" [citation needed]

After time had passed and many had forgotten about him SDERENZI again reappeared, he then posted a topic called "Sderenzi - Comments & Afterthoughts" wherein he states he misses all the members, respects them, and has a longing for something different, etc. Many found this insanity + bewildering since by admitting his past username he would certainly be re-banned. It was during this thread that the now infamous moderator James R decided he'd allow SDERENZI to stay under the new user-name he'd created called DarksidZz.

As DarksidZz his posts had been more or less pale to his previous ones. Some members doubted this to be the same person since he almost certainly would've made sexually-based threads by now. Whether he is or not his legacy remains, and so to will his previous posts.

SDERENZI did change the course of, both in moderation and in it's range of conversation. He helped to bring about new methods of moderation that were more strict but not confining........of course, these "methods" only applied to himself.

DarksidZz's original plan was to "continue to post under the agreement made with James R, that should he do anything too far out he'd be banned without notice". It was no shocker that DarksidZz was eventually banned without notice.

To many SDERENZI was a lunatic, but also a genius. The sad reality was that he was actually a common archetypal online twit whose infamy came from being a pest.

Recently, DarksidZz was allowed back into the forums at the inspiration of Plazma Inferno during SciForums redemption month, and continues to be an active participant. In contrast to his past doings, he's actually been instrumental in starting some pretty good discussions.