Sciforums' glory days

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Sciforums' glory days refers to a mystical era when there was still intelligent discussion and all members were part of a happy family. Regularly older members make a statement how much better Sciforums was way back then.

Theories on the concept of Sciforums' Glory Days

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The Happy Family Myth

Although, it appears that some might characterize the old days of Sciforums as a 'happy family', the truth is that the flame wars of the past were immense and there was no 'happy family' involved. Well, perhaps a happy family of serial killers lovingly lopping off each others' limbs and laughing at the sound of entrails under feet. At least it was more interesting then reading predictable posts by rednecks and other republicans.

The Hardened Skin Theory and the Abuse of it in Recent Times

Another school of thought suggests that "glory days" refers to a time when Sciforums' most mean-spirited and disingenuous posters were capable of withstanding turnabout; e.g., they could take the kind of acrimony they dealt. To read through the old flame wars of the past, one would, by this school, find fewer appeals to moderation by provocateurs. This trend appears to have declined in relation to the Bush wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, as site administration sought to deal with tremendous acrimony arising from anti-Muslim hatred and a pro-Muslim response that was, for the most part, no better. This is also the time that permanent bans from Sciforums became necessary and regular. Since that time, members most likely to post socially-controversial assertions considered racist, hateful, or supremacist, have adopted the tactic of pretending they cannot understand the difference between the traditional heated arguments and those calculated to cause the most controversy. Their intent is not to take part in a naturally-dramatic online community, but to disrupt it for their own egocentric purposes. Many members have thrown in with this faction, apparently seeking to legitimize racism, hatred, and also encourage the decline of morale and community identification at Sciforums, which of course, never existed.

Why Things Were Better in the Old Days

  • There were more nerds.
  • The Devil Inside had not yet joined
  • Trolls were smaller (but smellier)
  • The blood, children, the glorious blood
  • There were no infractions
  • There were no Muslims