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  1. Yeah, and Toronto 18 actually almost succeeding, they were about to imitate the 7 July 2005 London bombings, but do much more damage......they were training in Northern Ontario, IIRC they were caught by the USA trying to smuggle weapons. It is not a rumor with Toronto 18.....
  2. Yeah Dude that is Fucked up shit, There are rumors of planed terrorist attacks all over Canada Much the same as with the USA, and with just cause..our two nations are in the war against these Groups, It is Logic that they would target us as well.
  3. Have you heard of the attempted terrorist bombing on Toronto earlier this year? I am just watching a documentary on the attack on England in 2005, it just reminded me of it. I was kinda scared when I heard of the attempt ( they are called Toronto 18 I believe ), because I live so close to Toronto.
  4. The Queen will be leaving Canada soon.
  5. It is really sad. However, most of the protesters are peaceful. Those who caused the violence doesn't deserve to be called protesters, they are thugs.
  6. that is crazy, kinda sad too.

    Canadians should be setting a higher world Standard then that, but then again the People are getting smart to world corruption and there political Ginni pigs.
  7. Go on a very violent protest at G20 in Toronto this afternoon at 3 pm. I just saw it as I turned on my TV.

    P.S. I live in the Greater Toronto Area.
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