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  1. fine then i'll have barcode as his partner
  2. I dunno. It just you use that with everything.
  3. why not?
  4. Does he have to be an animal?
  5. hey how this for a character info story for scifleet
    Cyote Dark Rosado, 5'9",around 180 lbs, anthro with light brown fur, kinda like what the name implies (coyote-like)
    family- brother, sister, no parents (Father disappeared, Mother died in accident)
    infleunce- very little
    leadership skills- depends on situation
    business skills- high
    personal weapons- duel pistols that can fire out magzine as a projectile, well hidden
  6. click on lightbox and tell me what you think
  7. badassness, watch
  8. yup this is easier than i thought
  9. Yeah, saw it.
  10. i just posted in that quotes thing
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