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  1. I bought audio, video and books to help me memorize and fully comprehend it ;)

    I have a job so I can afford to pay for my self education in military and strategic science, and I have enough money to buy stuff for my fitness and sports like tackle dummies, P90X, supplements etc. You know one of my characters in scifleet? Cera? Well I got that name from one of the supplements my dad uses lol
  2. Wow, how long did that take you?
  3. I memorized the Art of War, and been reading a lot of good military strategy books, both east and west.
  4. That's sounds cool. Yeah, I still want to be a director. I've been writing alot of screenplays lately.
  5. Yeah lol, hows it going man? ;)

    Btw, I don't want to pursue a science career anymore, I found my true passion: military and strategic science & business. A staff officer job in Canadian Forces then go into business ;)

    U still want to be a director?
  6. Hey, long time no chat!
  7. hey sup man!
  8. Lol :D
  9. Not sure really. I know that really doesn't answer your question.
  10. Lol yeah I remember now :D You told me that you are a year older.

    So, what do you think about my observations :D
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