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  1. My school is pretty old, it consists of numerous individual medium-sized buildings, instead of one large one. We have a huge yard, in the center, instead of being around the building. Our school is quite large. Also, instead of one big yard, there is small individual yards and gardens. There is a park right beside it, a park across from it ( with tennis courts in the parks, I should add :D ) and there is a hospital across from it :D So if we get hurt ( for whatever reason ).......

    My school is quite old, its inside its new.

    I heard that it is very easy to get lost in my school. I also heard that a principal died on the job at my school years ago, from heart attack ( I don't believe it though ). My school is an okay school.

    What is your school like? It probably doesn't suck ( I hear things about schools that really sucks ).

    Those kids are lucky to have their school in a popular anime...
  2. No, my school sucks. lol

    I just rented from the library today, it's a zombie movie. Haven't watched it yet.
  3. Nope, what is it about?
  4. Ever seen Dawn of the Dead?
  5. Here is an interesting fact:

    The school in Full Metal Panic is a real school, and they even ripped off their uniforms ( I think ). I bet they would rofl instantly if there is a new student transferred to their school is named Sosuke Sagara :D Wouldn't it be cool if your school was in a TV show or an anime? :D
  6. Oh ok.
  7. Lol no, it is only like 5 lines quoted, it have barely anything to do with Full Metal Jacket, definitely not the plot, only a few lines to be a parody of it. The anime is not named after the movie either, it is really hilarious, you will learn how to play Rugby, Souske style.
  8. One person says he is quoting Gunnery Sgt Hartmann. Plus the title is Full Metal Panic.

    I think I get the jist(sic) of what it's about.(i'll still watch it)
  9. Trust me, you will roflmao once you start watching it :D
  10. I don't know who that is. The video won't fully load for quite a while. I hate dial-up. lol
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