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  1. Oh, so it isn't a special program with a special school dedicated to it? So it is just normal teachers or specially trained teachers?
  2. It's not really all that exciting. In middle school you learn things one grade above of you, and in high school it's the same.
  3. Hey, what is the Advance Program like? I am just curious. For the Gifted Program, it is pretty much like a school board funded high iq society with better quality education and actually some funding. They don't give a damn about your grades ( unless their average is like constantly in the low Cs and Ds, then they will recommend him/her to be removed from the program, not a problem for us, because everyone in my class is a honor student ), as long as your IQ is 130+ you are in ( you have to be expelled or have parental permission to be removed ).
  4. Yeah, very well down stop-animation.
  5. I thought it was a cartoon too. It's just stop-animation.
  6. They are not CG ( I used to think Robot Chicken was CG a few years back ).
  7. lol, Yeah.
  8. lol Robot Chicken is toys, while South Park is pieces of paper
  9. No, that's Family Guy or Robot Chicken. lol
  10. Me neither, it is just stupid. Some people find it stupidly funny.
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