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  1. Thanks, I prefer Special Ops instead of brute force, so my ship reflects that. Also I am a huge fan of Code Geass, so Shogun have Geass, but it won't be too powerful, or it won't be fun :)
  2. I see you've already been to SciFleet. It's good to have you on board.
  3. Yeah Sciforums Fleet. You command your own ship through space. Its an RPG kind of thing. Or if you want to you can look up Sciforums Fleet: Zombie Pandemic. I find them both fun.
  4. Anyways, can you recommend some good threads?
  5. Yeah its dead for Star Wars side now, because they said the game is canon now so I can't do anything about it. There is no way I can win.
  6. No, it was just an average virus. Anyways not much has really been happening, you might have noticed my friends list got updated. They are a bunch of my friends from school got interested in the site. I haven't been on Wars vs Trek in a long while. It's gotten to the point that no matter what we throw at them they can always counter it. Well anyways glad to see you back.
  7. I am back, sorry I was all busy with school work and tennis. It is nearing the end of the term so I have more free time? Stomach virus? Please don't tell me lactose intolerance, same thing that happened to me and a lot of my friends. I actually got a CT scan to check if I HAD A APPENDIX AT ALL!! Anyways, what did I miss?
  8. Hey, sorry I haven't been on lately, I had a stomach virus and barely did anything all weekend. Anyways how was your weekend?
  9. I know :D. I will call Zech, Millardo Peacecraft now :D
  10. Whops I accidently put the message on my page; After you finish the Wing series their is a movie called Gundam Wing Endless Waltz.
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