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  1. For us, its more widely played, but for football in the rep level, it gets more attention, for example my rep team gets 2 tv games a year.
  2. I would assume there are some rugby teams here. It's not a widely played sport here though.
  3. Just curious, you guys play rugby in the states right?
  4. Haha, yeah I guess so.
  5. Nice! I'm going for bilingual cert in French personally, a nice thing to have in Canada. Yeah, school is tough, especially with athletics and academics taking up a lot of time, I'm lucky in that my semesters are evenly divided, so I don't get a shitload of work in one semester :D
  6. Yeah... haha. School and lack of internet gets in the way. When the summer hits i'll probably be on alot more.

    But things are going good. Still taking French class, doing semi-decent. Haha. What about you?
  7. sup dude, haven't seen you around in a while :D
  8. Makes sense.
  9. Either way, what you said meant literally, you are Florida. It is probably a "beginner" phrase where people will understand you, but it won't be right, u know what I mean?
  10. Haha, well that's the way we're being taught it. Parisian I think, not 100% sure.
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