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  1. Hmm, I did not know that.......and I didn't know Gotham was a real city ????
  2. Is that George Washington in your avatar or the actual Mad Anthony Wayne? Ha, I can't really tell.
  3. Wow, how do you deal with the libertard's bigoted Holier-than-Thou attitude? It's so annoying!
  4. Well, you seem to side with the Dems alot. But never mind :). So, do you support Ron Paul or Sarah Pallin for 2012?
  5. Why do you believe I'm not in favor of the free market? I'm a big supporter of the free market.
  6. Mad, you seem to be less free market than many conservatives. Do you agree?
  7. Brown Won! Rejoice!
  8. Madanthony, the example you described about Star Trek is an accident. There is no reason to not give second chances to those deserving, but if someone willingly violates the law, then I see no reason why not to punish them as severely as possible.
  9. hey check out my thread in politics 'bout gov't intervention!
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