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  1. Handwritten letter to my Congressman
  2. The Paulus-Riesser Exchange and German Jewish Emancipation Debates
  3. Why not partition Iraq down Sunni and Shiite lines?
  4. Tommy Sowell nails it!!
  5. Barak Obama's Wahabi Schooling
  6. Reality of Israel Situation
  7. What are you doing for your country?
  8. Books written by politicians.
  9. California to ban spanking?
  10. Hillary Clinton, Out Of The Starting Gate...
  11. Damn liberal media!
  12. “War on Terror“? Or “Terror at War“?
  13. Ah, style makes all the difference!
  14. Public Education
  15. Education
  16. Is Bush gonna knock your socks off?
  17. USA face problem
  18. Chavez is a threat because he offers the alternative of a decent country
  19. Prosecutor: Cheney 'Deeply Involved' In CIA Leak
  20. State of the Union 2007
  21. Captain Janeway FUCKING ROCKS!
  22. ultra-right Israeli blog received Best Blog award
  23. Who would you vote for? Hillary Clinton or Barak Obama?
  24. What it means to be a liberal
  25. Bush's approval rating.
  26. There is no War on Terror?
  27. CAIRing about the wrong things...
  28. Assuming global warming isn't a natural occurence whos causing it?
  29. Presidents
  30. Land grabs in Palestine
  31. Maine Rejects Federally Mandated ID Cards
  32. Hurra, Wir Kapitulieren!
  33. Bush Banned from Birthplace of Jesus
  34. Robert Gates: Iraq Resolution Emboldens Enemy
  35. The evolution of Palestine?
  36. Up date on Obama's schooling.
  37. Al Gore for President?
  38. Libelous Wahabi Talk?
  39. Democrats in Churches
  40. Should Criminals pay higher taxes?
  41. Question
  42. London terror trial
  43. Conservative View of War on Middle East
  44. Does anyone really believe that Chavez is an "honest socialist"?
  45. Why doesn't US just make Iraq a satelite?
  46. Dalits Going Christian
  47. Bush walks into a restaurant
  48. Too many voters
  49. Rush Limbaugh Nominated for 2007 Nobel Peace Prize
  50. Justice takes a breather in Jordan
  51. A logical Republican
  52. Tony, go home
  53. Africa gets ready for democracy?
  54. Misunderstanding Sumaya
  55. CFR on Iraq
  56. Nuclear Retaliation
  57. Iran-US cold war
  58. Putin tells the truth...
  59. THE OBAMANATION BEGINS, Will Obama-Mania cool off in a few months?
  60. US militarism destabilising the world: Putin
  61. Czech president derogates UN global-warming panel
  62. Child well-being
  63. UNICEF: UK is the worst place to grow up
  64. Obama tells the truth...
  65. House Democrat Plan: Slowly choke off funding for Iraq
  66. The Surge in real numbers
  67. Iraqi-American rapper TIMZ releases music video: ‘IRAQ’
  68. senators skip voting to campaign for 2008.
  69. Anti-Corporatism
  70. Why the US needs the Taliban.
  71. Running mates in 08
  72. Is America ready for a Mormon President? (Poll, a quarter to a third reject Mormons)
  73. Creating a Judeo-Islamic Peace Movement [familysecuritymatters.org]
  74. This group does not at all agree with my vision of American society...
  75. India can guide US
  76. New Jersey gays can now civil unionate
  77. Mexican Nationalists: Racist or Honest?
  78. Mbeki says crime not a problem, but buys $20 million wall for his residence.
  79. Finally, A Republican Making Sense
  80. Muslims Left Behind?
  81. Meet the Next President: Giuliani
  82. Afghanistan - Change in strategy?
  83. Face it suckers, the US will stay in Iraq for the next 2 decades
  84. First Gentleman Bill Clinton
  85. White Guilt-O-Rama: Virginia and Slavery
  86. 3 Arab states in gulf say would help Israel to attack Iran
  87. The Turmoil in Italy, Prody vs Berlusconi, (KATZO!)
  88. Sitting Ducks
  89. US generals will quit if Iran is attacked
  90. Chechen Public Execution Video
  91. Shouldn't we be encouraging Global Warming?
  92. Cheney's Unpopular? How about 18% Popular
  93. Haven't been able to get an answer from the actual people...
  94. Employee Free Choice Act
  95. President
  96. Obsession
  97. Naivete of the Masses and the Golden Path
  98. World Leaders and Darwin
  99. Walter Reed: Government Run HealthCare at it's finest.
  100. Sean Hannity: American Hero
  101. Keith Olberman or Bill O'Reilly?
  102. US Budget Deficit
  103. Hilary Clinton: Worst Fake Accent Ever
  104. Jury Reform
  105. Libby guilty..
  106. Illegal to be Republican
  107. Civil war
  108. Angry Father and Presidential Candidate vs. Free Speech..
  109. 18000 Murders a year - Is this not a war zone?
  110. Why is US behind Europe in 'Climate Change'
  111. Newt, the Adulterer
  112. The Dems and big oil
  113. Daylight Savings Time = Global Warming!
  114. Strategies for Fighting Terrorism - Suggestions anyone?
  115. The only decent candidate for President
  116. Chinese, the superpower about to take over the world!!!
  117. Strategies for Fighting US Dictatorship - Suggestions anyone?
  118. Bush - Good or Bad?
  119. Strategies for Fighting Chuck Norris - Suggestions anyone?
  120. Turkish response to armenian claims
  121. klingon politics?
  122. The REAL difference between the 2 parties
  123. 3D politics?
  124. The Virtue Of Selfishness
  125. Should GW be Impeached?
  126. US Univerisities: Leftist Indoctrination Factories
  127. House Panel Orders Subpoenas for Top Bush Aides
  128. Caucasophobia — the Accepted Racism
  129. 2008 Democratic Candidate Poll
  130. 2008 Republican Candidate Poll
  131. Stewart vs. Bolton
  132. Governments: What they say vs. what they do
  133. Does anti-Zion equate to anti-semetic?
  134. Bush slams Dems on Pork filled War Funding Bill, vows Veto
  135. Cold war vs. war on terror
  136. value of mpa/mpp degrees??
  137. Brzezinski on Terror
  138. Right to Vote in Australia
  139. "Why Black People have Remained Backward"
  140. Hassan on 60 Minutes
  141. Proof Americans can't handle the truth
  142. Godel's Last Theorem
  143. The Cynic
  144. "Law and Order" movie star GOP presidential candadit!
  145. McCain in Neverland
  146. 'Feinstein Nailed In Scam; Resigns'; Where Is The Media? Where Are The Republicans?
  147. open letter to genocide lovers
  148. Interesting: The Eugenic Society
  149. China invading Iraq
  150. The Taliban Syndrome
  151. US Presidential Candidates and Illegal Immigration
  152. The global scramble for black gold
  153. You will soon forget about global warming...
  154. Ron Paul on Real time with Bill Maher
  155. the polics of iraq
  156. Democrat or Republican?
  157. Communistic School Bans Legos
  158. Commies hate gays?
  159. Is European Civil War Inevitable by 2025?
  160. Senator McCain just moved to Neverland Ranch???
  161. mind control - telepathy genes
  162. Boycott the 2008 Beijing Olympics!
  163. So is the love affair over?
  164. Quick! No one's looking... Put the hat on.
  165. Microsoft in partnership with CIA?
  166. Congressional Ballot
  167. That's how you make documentaries
  168. What If Iran Had Invaded Mexico?
  169. Four Tucsonian patriots tell off city council
  170. Ron Paul
  171. Chris Hedges on american fascism
  172. Karl Rove, the 1972 edition
  173. Iraqi Shias protest against US troops
  174. Worse Than Apartheid
  175. Funny :)
  176. Nancy Pelosi - Dumb Move?
  177. Truth or Dare
  178. Education key to Religious War?
  179. Democracy vs. well being
  180. Politicians that are pooheads
  181. Little jihad, big jihad: Canberran Conundrum
  182. Hutcherson Between Rock and Hard Place
  183. French colonies vs. British colonies
  184. UK Government Says the "War on Terror" is Over
  185. Radical Hindus burn Richard Gere alive!
  186. Will U ever vote for Bush or his relatives again
  187. US Supreme Court Bans Partial Birth Abortion
  188. War Czar?
  189. Gun Control, Really?
  190. Another Republican Congressman get cought with hand in cookie Jar
  191. Cold Cash Democrats to the Rescue
  192. America, seek help on guns!
  193. What happens after the Coalition forces leave Iraq?
  194. China's Gun Control Policy
  195. Obama lies
  196. Prediction: Romney vs. Hillary
  197. Abu Mazen And The Holocaust
  198. The Red Mosque : Islamic fundamentalism on the rise!
  199. Civil War USA?
  200. Welfare Pee Test?
  201. Alberto's Absurd Amnesia
  202. Right to bear arms?
  203. the greatest country on earth
  204. The Wisdom of Rush Limbaugh ****VIDEO****
  205. The New World Order: Corrupt High Level Conspiracy or Paranoid Fantasies?
  206. Jon Stewart kicks McCain's ass
  207. Rudy, the shitnosed fearmonger
  208. Operation Cyclone
  209. For the Sake of Justice
  210. The Uselessness of the UN...
  211. Campaign Finance Reform
  212. Did GW blow up the Twin Towers?
  213. Guiliani: Best Defense a Good Offence. NO SURRENDER IN WAR ON TERROR
  214. This is the "liberal" media
  215. Fake news vs. "real" news
  216. A more exact thread, who blew up the Twin Towers?
  217. Democratic Debate, Who Won? Who Lost? Who Impressed? Who Didn't?
  218. For Reps only: Why did 911 happen?
  219. Saudis Crack Huge Terrorist Ring
  220. Obama has permenantly won me over with this comment!
  221. Should We All Be Able To Vote?
  222. Is the Technology to Solve Global Warming "Up There"?
  223. Employer paper check
  224. The Maher show
  225. O'Reilly gets a heartattack
  226. The Politics of Withdrawal
  227. Moyers interview with Jon Stewart
  228. "our Best And Brightest"
  229. "peace"
  230. Iraq problem solved by Billy T’s FTM Plan!
  231. Chaos for Turkey and Middle East in general?
  232. Should WH pspokepersons be always women?
  233. This man will change everything as we know it!!!
  234. 1stMay2007 The Day on which Moderation Died
  235. History: Bush Was a Great President
  236. Hate Crimes By Blacks
  237. Why You'd Be A Good President
  238. What Does Make America Different?
  239. US Troops Discover Bombs in Girls' School
  240. The end of cowboy diplomacy
  241. What do Americans need to know for 2008 ?
  242. W outdoes his father, again
  243. What Al-Qaida thinks about American situation in Iraq
  244. 2007 French presidential election
  245. Iraqi oil politics
  246. House Republican leader says they'll know how things are in 3-4 months
  247. Criminal Aliens
  248. Criminal Alien Terrorists Jihad Vs. America
  249. The Republican Debate
  250. Whiny Lib Throws a Fit