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  1. Botox impairs emotional responses
  2. What's your view about monogamy, infidelity, and inbetween
  3. Accidental Aesthetics in trash ?
  4. From sleep to awake
  5. Benzodiazepines
  6. Mental illnesses
  7. What makes a person neurotic?
  8. Neanderthal Genome...
  9. Do men get their friend?
  10. The main cause of neurosis
  11. Misanthropy is dumb
  12. Most Married Women Prefer Sleep, Reading, Movies Over Sex
  13. Peadophillia. Forgive the strong subject.
  14. Ball lightning=hallucinations?
  15. Neurotic & Mazochist
  16. Is morality a uniquely human trait?
  17. Are neurotics special in their characters?
  18. Do we erase memory or just forget where our brain stored it?
  19. Impulse control in a dangerous environment?
  20. human evolution
  21. The ethics of neurology/telepathy
  22. Ethical dilemma
  23. How to become smarter...
  24. phylogenetic endowment
  25. Jews’ Genetic Similarity
  26. Can Humans Become Shorter?
  27. Friendship ~ What is it?
  28. Command language of thinking
  29. Jung
  30. compare Indo-Aryans & Europeans
  31. Fun books on psychology
  32. What are the limits on the autonomy of US Indian tribes?
  33. Am I insane?
  34. Fetuses can't feel pain before 24 weeks, and are not conscious for a while even after
  35. How does schizophrenia start?
  36. Why do I do this?
  37. Potential: What is the humanoid form capable of
  38. Autonomic Half Life, or Why Women are Crazy
  39. Doreen-"real" beliefs.???
  40. Are schizophrenes violent?
  41. sound
  42. Need Help: Diagnoses on Bi-Polar Disorder.
  43. Talking With Eyes Shut
  44. Creativity is akin to insanity say scientists who have been studying how the mind wks
  45. 100K Indians die on the roads per year
  46. The Marshmallow Test: Willpower at age 4=Lifetime of Success?
  47. Self destructiveness really a sickness, or difference of thought?
  48. Fossil Find Puts a Face on Early Primates
  49. Holding short of the Full Catastrophe
  50. Parents vs stupidity!
  51. Brain Training Reverses Age-Related Cognitive Decline
  52. Evolution and Race
  53. Love
  54. Why we don't grow blue or green or... hair or skin?
  55. Meditation in schools
  56. Odd turn ons
  57. Homosexuality vs Evolution
  58. Are we going dummer and dummer?
  59. lithium in our water supply
  60. discovering the perfect diet
  61. How does the human intelligence grow or decline?
  62. Genes = determinism?
  63. Habitual liars
  64. Have we lost the ability to think for ourselves?
  65. Illegal immigrants estimated account for 1:12 U.S. Births
  66. This question leaves me puzzles?
  67. Clean Freakishness
  68. A new perspective on laughter and humor
  69. STRESS and its effects on us
  70. Education Systems: Comparison & Analysis
  71. Dream in color: No visual images when awake?
  72. Does conscious mind make decisions?
  73. Think in Pictures, Words, or ???
  74. Liverpudlians and Crime
  75. "Young people OVERestimate risk, but do it anyway"
  76. social insanity
  77. Can someone explain this?
  78. The Weirdest People in the World
  79. An idea
  80. sociopath and Psychopath
  81. Paranoia
  82. ego boosters and busters
  83. Sexual Make-Up Resolutions
  84. Distractions
  85. Processing dreams that occur just before you wake up
  86. JURGEN HABERMAS:His Career in Sociology and Philosophy
  87. Brain Matter Linked to Introspective Thoughts
  88. Depressed people are more realistic?
  89. Egypt's Connection to Puma Punku
  90. Earnings for a PhD Health Psych
  91. A class of mine...
  92. Depersonalisation and Derealization Disorder
  93. i need phsycological help..
  94. Ignorance, apathy, and incompetence
  95. Maximal Intelligence
  96. Do You Meditate? If So ...
  97. No, I am not interested in you because you are black
  98. The Psychological Mechanisms Behind Why Parents Blame Vaccines For Ill-Health.
  99. Brain scans link myelin with intelligence
  100. Control
  101. More black people jailed in England and Wales proportionally than in US
  102. Early childhood experiences do not determine adult outcomes
  103. Data suggests that Barry Schwartz is wrong.
  104. Alfred Adler - why has no one heard of him?
  105. My psychiatrist is the who is mad?
  106. Handicaps: Wanted
  107. Success
  108. Cancer Is Man Made
  109. Sexual Behavior and Reproductive Theories
  110. Evolutionary Theories Regarding Gender And Racial Differences Are Flawed
  111. Liberal gene
  112. science and technology useful in human life
  113. Share your ideas to increase quality of life!
  114. Cognitive Dulling-what is happening?
  115. The true cause of cognitive stagnation
  116. How can one achieve super human strenght
  117. Holosynch technology
  118. The Business Brain
  119. 12 Strand DNA Activation
  120. The visual nature of men?
  121. San Francisco moves to ban circumcision
  122. Characteristics of Genius?
  123. Blood Alcohol Content
  124. Happiness is abnormal
  125. A ginger german question
  126. Satisfying the inner child...
  127. lying
  128. How/when did humans evolve to become white?
  129. Gene for generosity in humans
  130. Redheads Need More Anesthesia
  131. nerds
  132. rudeness
  133. Question for the educated
  134. Critical Collective Consciousness
  135. How should we treat the worst prisoners?
  136. Having a specific fondness for something: impossible to avoid subjectivity and bias?
  137. Can pesticide cause infertility to men?
  138. Neighbours
  139. Effects of Static Magnetic Fields on the Human Body
  140. What accounts for increased suicide rates in professionals?
  141. Size DOES Matter -- the Size of your amygdala :)
  142. LIFE: The Beginning
  143. Being corrected reinforces political prejudices
  144. Guilt Over Depression
  145. The impending cognitive revolution
  146. American Prude
  147. Do you want to be Immortal?
  148. Protecting people "like us" from people "like them"
  149. Mental illness and Arizona shooting
  150. Group marriage
  151. Change as a Concept
  152. Why Chinese Mothers Are Superior...
  153. Poverty and Social Stratification
  154. Is It Really Self-Esteem or Contingent Upon External Stimuli?
  155. Thought Processes and Its Impact
  156. A Theory to the Destructive Nature of the Current World Order
  157. Freud Can Never Die
  158. A Critical Look at Psychologist Dr. Phil
  159. What psychology careers are there to choose from?
  160. ANTHROPOLOGY jobs?
  161. Social Pathology by Peter Joseph
  162. The Power of Systematic Desensitization
  163. Were is the origen of modern man
  164. Question of the day
  165. Biased Tendencies
  166. Meditation Correlated Changes In The Brain
  167. How much of human prehistory do we really know?
  168. What's the appeal of Dr House rudeness?
  169. The "End World Hunger" Thread
  170. Evolution Of Humans In The Last Hundred Years.
  171. natural selection is wrong.
  172. Alzheimers in the family
  173. Alcohol: do the supposed cardio benefits outweigh the neuro deficits?
  174. malisim?
  175. Neighbour from hell!
  176. ideas on brain development in the womb
  177. Sociopaths
  178. A New Study Documents the Rise in Self-Harm Videos on YouTube
  179. Are women more gullible?
  180. New dietry Thoughts...
  181. Prisoners right to vote, positive outcome data?
  182. Split Brain, One Consciousness
  183. Big Mama
  184. Looking for recruitment software
  185. When is a Foetus not a Foetus?
  186. Organ harvesting and determining of 'death'
  187. Things that are suddenly offensive or political correctness gone mad..
  188. Is this a good idea? Gene hacking to increase human intelligence?
  189. Why does fresh air make you sleepier??
  190. Pessimists live longer
  191. Are we at the pinnacle of intelligence?
  192. politics. can it be replaced by intelligent leadership governed by pursuits of growth
  193. Action Notes v.1.HS
  194. Depression, Sadness, and Medication
  195. Corruption: embedded culture or default social mechanism
  196. Why do men shout at women in the street?
  197. desert survival question
  198. Earth hour and its cult following.
  199. Boy, 12, with Aspergers, working on theory of relativity
  200. Cannibalism in the African Congo
  201. Sometimes I think I am crazy
  202. I found a new method of treatment of diseases
  203. Therapy Session transcripts
  204. College Hookup Mentality
  205. Cholesterol level in donated blood
  206. Why torture small animals?
  207. Newscasters talking gibberish? What's going on
  208. suicide
  209. The Aquatic ape
  210. How often, on average, do you bathe?
  211. projection
  212. Social Anxiety
  213. Hallucinations caused by Cannabis
  214. Flotsam and Jetsom
  215. Alpha behavior applies to the home . . .
  216. There is an alternative to the imagination
  217. brazilian keratin treatment
  218. Chernobyl
  219. race vs. species
  220. If you lose 1000 grams: What mechanisms?
  221. Solution for World Problems
  222. anxiety versus stress
  223. Psychology of making fun of cuteness
  224. The Education Deception
  225. european tours
  226. Why do we strive for survival?
  227. Blind Man Uses Echolocation, rides bike in traffic
  228. Vegetarian anatomy
  229. Texting
  230. NC Lieutenant Governor
  231. Personality rules reactions to climate change (and other issues too)
  232. Weaponitis
  233. Laziness only exists from an outside observer
  234. Hallucinations of Mythical beings
  235. Ancestral gals roamed, guys stayed home
  236. acceptance/wallowing; optimism/denial
  237. Possible Alzheimer's treatment
  238. aging treatment?
  239. Quantum Consciousness: Scientific Basis for Soul?
  240. In Vitro Fertilizate after death?
  241. Children with Bad Attitudes
  242. Thieving and lying in the workplace..
  243. My theory of personality types
  244. Why commit suicide?
  245. Murdering the homeless...
  246. objectophilia/objecto-sexuals
  247. are you a married woman?
  248. Privation v Deprivation example USA healthcare
  249. Women in Poker and Chess
  250. Our mind as a sense organ, the seventh sense.